In the HelpFood4.0 project, a sustainable food system should be based on 7 different pillars, spanning from environmental to social and economic spheres.

AWARENESS of the global problems generated by the food system is incredibly low. Increased awareness of the problem could help create a strong consumer voice that could significantly shift behavior, influence governments to innovate policy, and prompt companies to establish a new set of business ethics that align human and planetary health.

In the HelpFood 4.0 project, we meet EDERA РEmporio di Comunità Trento, a participatory space for purchasing and relationships. They developed an idea of emporium that can sustain a sustainable ethical supply chain, with products that come as much as possible from the territory where members live.


Program: EIT Food PoC 2022 EIT FoodFoodUnfolded

Video production Aringa Studio, 2022

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